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Pastor John, what would you say to a man or to a woman who is considering a sex change operation? These are not amorphous folks, they are clearly and obviously genetically and physically a man or a woman, and he or she wants a gender change. What would you say to someone considering a transgender option?
Front-Burner Relevance

The first thing I want to say is that anybody listening to this who is about to switch this off saying, “Good night. Transgender. That is so irrelevant to me. I don’t need to listen to this today.” Give me a minute before you turn this off. Consider this: The cover of Time magazine for June 9, if you haven’t seen it, has Laverne Cox, born a boy, now living with a different sexual identification, acting on TV in “Orange is the New Black” as a woman. He is featured as an admirable person and pictured as a woman with a painful story in the hope that we, the readers, would all affirm this way of life. The article and the interview with Laverne are all about transgender experience. Like it or not—this is what I am saying to me and to us—like it or not it is following right behind homosexual behavior in our culture in its aim to be mainstream and celebrated. Not to do so will be, as the interview makes crystal clear, to be seen as hung up with our own sexual insecurities and, at worst, as hateful. So it is relevant — really front-burner relevant.

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