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The Four Steps to Forgiveness

The Stages Of Forgiveness: A Four-Step Modelby Tony Wildey MA, MFT Forgiveness does not happen in a vacuum, and it is not a natural occurrence in a relationship, especially when the offender has done something truly heinous. Adultery is a perfect example wherein...

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6 Tools for Healthy Communication in Marriage

Couples often don’t have a lot of communication tools when they enter marriage. When conversations get tough, they may need better tools than they have. Here are some basic skills they’ll need. “Could you please bring home a few apples?” my new bride, Diane, asked. I...

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Sliding Versus Deciding: Inertia and the Premarital Cohabitation Effect

Premarital cohabitation has consistently been found to be associated with increased risk for divorce and marital distress in the United State. Two explanations for this “cohabitation effect” are discussed: selection and experience. We present an empirically based view of how the experience of cohabitation may increase risk for relationship distress or divorce for some people beyond what is accounted for by selection. Specifically, using a commit­ment framework , we suggest that some couples who otherwise would nor have married end up married because of the inertia of cohabitation

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Hope and Help in Hard Times